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Moving to cloud to reduce carbon emissions - potential for Indian companies

Source : Live Mint

Notes by Narsi

As the Indian sector grows and grows, the data centre market in India is expected to grow and grow too. Estimates suggest a hefty CAGR of 16% between 2019-24, the highest in the APAC.

Part of this growth is fuelled by the move by many companies from physical to the cloud. And this is a good things for the environment too. A report commissioned by Amazon Web Services estimated that Indian companies and public sector organisations that migrated from on-premises data centres to cloud infrastructure could expect to reduce their energy and carbon footprint by nearly 80%.

The report from India found that if 25% of the 1200 largest businesses put 1 MW into cloud powered by renewable energy, then it would save an equivalent of a year’s worth of emissions from 1,60,000 Indian households. Now, India has about 25 crore households, so the emissions savings from such a movement to cloud does not have a massive impact (less than 0.1% of total household emissions), but there are times when numbers alone do not convey the true power of a phenomenon.


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