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INdia Climate & Renewables EArly Stage Entrepreneurs

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India has a flourishing startup ecosystem in climate tech. But this is just the very beginning.

As climate challenges increase, and with more emphasis from government, corporate sector and the mass market, one can expect the climate tech market in India to explode.

And so will climate tech startups.

EAI has been working in the Indian climate tech sector since 2008, and our work has touched almost all the climate solution domains - Renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, mobility, agriculture & food, waste management, low carbon materials, water sustainability, carbon capture & sequestration…

Since 2022, EAI’s CLIMAFIX division has been assisting Indian startups through its popular CLIMAFIX Summit that is held annually along with IIT Madras Energy Consortium.

With the above background, we have launched CLIMAFIX INCREASE, a program focussed on early stage climate startups.


There are a number of stakeholders already supporting India’s climate startups - from central and state governments, to accelerators & incubators and a variety of financial investors ranging from angel investors to established venture capital firms.

One key pain point that all the above stakeholders have is the identification and nurturing of early stage climate startups.

Early stage startups pose a unique challenge in this domain for the following reasons:

1. Discovering them is quite difficult as they could be present in many different ecosystems.

2. Evaluating these startups is challenging as it requires someone with deep climate tech domain knowledge

3. Nurturing the startups until a certain stage of growth is also a key challenge as early stage climate tech startups require assistance highly tailored to this sector


EAI & CLIMAFIX background, its vast network of climate tech connections and contacts across India, and its deep understanding of climate tech puts it in a unique position to help early stage startups in the climate domain.

This was the motivation for us to launch CLIMAFIX INCREASE.


This program is in its first phase where we are identifying early stage climate tech startups and creating a database.

We expect this stage to be completed by July 2024; post this, we will start engaging with the startups in our database

What assistance can CLIMAFIX provide to early stage startups?

INCREASE can assist early stage startups in one or more of the following ways, depending on the domain the startup in working in, and the objectives of the founders:

Mentoring on solution design for market fit

Helping the early stage startup in presentations and communications

Connecting with other industry experts for specialized assistance

Connecting them to prospective investors in select cases

Provide visibility to the startup on our portals and literature, thus helping them reach focussed stakeholder audiences


If you are an Indian early stage startup working in any climate and sustainability domain, and are
interested in being a part of CLIMAFIX INCREASE, send a note to increase@climafix.in with brief details.
Our team will connect with you.