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Indian CEOs’ Alliance to Supercharge Race to Net Zero

Source : Modern Diplomacy

Notes by Narsi

Like them or not, CEOs (and top management in general) are some of the most powerful stakeholders when it comes to driving industrial Net Zero transformation. While we all would love grassroots movements, these take time and getting these types of granular movements to be anchored around core themes and guided optimally, and all in double-quick time is really asking for the moon.

Top-down approach is what will work to get things done fast for most decarbonization, and definitely industrial decarbonization. And who else is at the top but…

It is thus heartening to see an alliance being formed for the Indian CEOs to serve as a high-level platform to support business leaders in planning and implementing plans and programmes to achieve climate targets, including net-zero economic growth.

Most of these alliances, while providing a common ground for these top shots to share insights and perhaps even share investments in some cases, can move much faster when they are able to at the same provide sector-specific guidance to specific, large corporates on key decarbonization solutions the companies can adopt, as well as the solution providers/enablers who can get them there.

While cross-sectoral and inter-industry collaboration is also important, I feel the need for the 2020-2030 period is for intra-industry collaboration for effective decarbonization. Sharing of best practices across industries is something that can be far more relevant post-2030.

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