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Logistics and infrastructure opportunities from the growth of biofuels sector

Source : Times of India

Notes by Narsi

A news report on Essar's Stanlow Terminals' efforts to build a biofuels hub in the UK indicates some of the less obvious infrastructure opportunities that will be opening up for medium and large corporates as the diverse fields of renewables open up.

In the case of bio-energy - be it solid biomass or liquid biofuels - both inbound and outbound logistics will comprise a significant portion of the business value chain, and will hence likely result in many bespoke opportunities.

As the use of biofuels in India grows - be it in the form of ethanol, biodiesel, methanol, or the emerging fuels such as e-fuels, bio-LPG, biomethane, green hydrogen and green ammonia - many opportunities in India too are likely to open up in various logistics value chain components.


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