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Bio-bitumen from lignin - promising innovation by Praj

Source : Saur Energy International

Notes by Narsi

A recent report from Praj that it has achieved a milestone in producing a Bio-bitumen based on lignin is an interesing development.

Bio-bitumen is poised to play a significant role as road construction material. At the same time, the industry has been trying to figure out ways to use lignin, the plant residue that remains from the lignocellulosic biomass while deriving biofuels from agri residues. (Most agri residues belong to the category of lignocellulosic biomass)

Praj has made bio-bitumen samples processed from rice and wheat straw as feedstock in their 2G biorefinery demo plant in India, and tests have shown its utility for applications in asphalt.

Having worked in various aspects of bio-economy through our consulting assignments in the last ten years, I have been - like many others - fascinated by the potential every type of biomass presents for value recovery. At the same time, little of this value has been realized so far - and this is true for most parts of the world. I really look forward to many other such exciting developments in value recovery from every component of every type of biomass, and am also hoping that my team at EAI can contribute what little it can in these efforts.

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