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Using Corporate Culture to Retain Great Talent | Rahul Tholath Mathew - Illumine - i

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Interview with Rahul Tholah Mathew of Illumine-i. By Narasimhan Santhanam, Coordinator - CLIMAFIX Summit 2023 & Cofounder - Clidemy, the Climate Academy.

How can high impact, high aspirations climate tech startups retain high quality talent that is so critical for them to achieve even higher impacts at higher scales?

Not an easy talk in this world full of opportunities.

But senior and top management folks at startups are putting in some serious thought to this.

There is a common ground that just higher financial incentives alone cannot be used as an instrument to retain great talent.

So what can?

Culture perhaps?

How about culture be used as a key ingredient in a climate tech startup's growth and talent retention?

Listen to the answers & insights from Rahul Mathew of Illumine-i a prominent, fast growing climate & engineering design startup at Chennai.

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