Helping international investors invest in Indian climate startups

What is CliFi?

CliFi, which stands for CLlimate Investments by Foreign Investors, is a unique service provided by CLIMAFIX that assists venture capital investors from outside India to discover and invest in high quality Indian climate tech startups

Motivation behind CliFi

India has emerged as one of the most important countries in the fight against climate change. Besides being the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases after the USA & China, and thus having a strong motive to act against climate change, the country is expected to play a pivotal role in climate innovations and solutions.

India’s startup ecosystem has grown enormously in the last few years and is currently ranked third in the world. The country’s climate startup ecosystem has also been growing in parallel, with an estimated 3300 climate startups already in existence, in various stages of their growth.

All the above have made the international investor community quite keen on investing in Indian climate startups.

But identifying, evaluating and interacting with hundreds of startups from across the country is a real challenge for international venture capital investors.

CLIMAFIX, with its exceptional knowledge of the decarbonization canvas, its deep acquaintance with the Indian climate innovation ecosystem and its vast network across the entire country, is in a position to add exceptional value to venture capital investors to discover, evaluate and invest in the Indian climate startups.

Value additions from CliFi to International Climate Tech VCs

The following are the key assistance we can provide to international venture capital firms

  • Provide effective, bespoke intelligence on the Indian climate tech startup ecosystem
  • Identify startups based on specific VC criteria - climate tech sector, stage of startup, funding requirements
  • Undertake further evaluation of these startups based on startup-specific inputs, market dynamics and strategic growth levers
  • Facilitate effective interactions between the VC firms and the startup founders & key executives
  • Assist VCs in all the legal & procedural support needed for investments
  • Assist VCs in setting up office or appointing key representatives in India
  • Connect VCs with sectoral and technical experts for evaluation of select investment opportunities

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  • CliFi is a service provided by CLIMAFIX, which is run by a team that founded Energy Alternatives India (EAI), India’s first boutique climate tech consultant with over a decade of experience in supporting India’s clean energy & sustainability sectors through market intelligence, strategic consulting & other related management support.
  • EAI - The EAI team has consulted for over 200 clients covering almost every key climate tech vertical - renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, electric mobility, low carbon agri & food, low carbon materials (including bio-materials & green chemicals), waste management and water sustainability.
  • The CLIMAFIX division was founded in 2021 to focus exclusively on supporting the Indian climate tech startup ecosystem, and leveraging the knowledge and network of EAI, it has quickly started providing valuable assistance to many climate tech startups in the country.
  • CLIMAFIX Summit - CLIMAFIX also organized the CLIMAFIX Summit in 2022, the first summit that gathered all the climate startup stakeholders under one roof. The event, one of the largest the country had seen, had over 200 startups, 50 venture capital firms, and almost a dozen incubators & accelerators from across the country participate in it.
  • Who heads CLIMAFIX? - CLIMAFIX is headed by Narasimhan Santhanam (Narsi), a veteran of the Indian climate tech sector, having been at the forefront of supporting this sector since 2007. Narsi has consulted in climate tech for over 200 Indian and international firms, authored over 50 reports and has been a speaker & moderator at over 100 climate tech conferences and workshops worldwide. More about Narsi from here. Narsi at

EAI and its offerings

EAI is India’s leading climate tech consulting firm, with deep acquaintance with prominent climate tech verticals such as solar energy, bio-energy, electric mobility, waste management and low carbon materials (bio-materials, green chemicals etc)

More about EAI Consulting

EAI, in addition to its main consulting support, also has a specialized division for E-mobility (EVNext). It is also building a global climate intelligence platform Clixoo.

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