What is Interns4Climate?

Interns4Climate is a platform offered by Climafix that helps students & professionals to find relevant and valuable internships with climate tech startups across India.

Climafix is EAI’s division with a focus on climate innovations and climate tech startups.

The goal of Climafix is to significantly accelerate decarbonization - especially in the Indian industry and commercial sectors - by using innovations and startups as strategic levers.

Who will benefit from Interns4Climate?

Interns4Climate will benefit the following categories:

  • College students looking for summer internships
  • Fresh graduates looking for internships to start their career
  • Industry professionals looking for internships to shift their career towards climate action
  • Climate tech startups looking for passinate talents seeking young professionals for internships

What are the focus areas for Interns4Climate?

We will focus on the entire climate tech solutions

Renewable Energy

Energy Efficiency

Energy Storage

Electric Mobility

Digital for Decarbonisation

Waste Management

Water Sustainability

Low Carbon Materials

Low Carbon Agriculture & Food

Carbon Capture & Utilization

What is the regional focus for Interns4Climate?

Interns4Climate operates Pan-India

How can I get in touch with your team?

Whether you are startups looking for interns or interns looking for climate tech startups, send a brief note to ask@clidemy.com with brief details about your profile or requirements and your contact co-ordinates