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A Closer Look at P&G’s New Strategy to Help Address Global Water Crisis

Source : P&G

Notes by Narsi

How does a large firm like P&G, which operates in over 80 countries, and whose products require enormous amounts of water for their production and processing, look at water sustainability?

While taking proactive interventions for water sustainability is something such companies would have been in engaged in for a while, these domains have now moved from the environment head's tables to the tables of the CEOs. Sustainability is no longer a part of business, it has become necessary to consider it the core of every business.

A detailed blog post from the company provides rich details of the component's their water strategy as well as specific interventions the company has undertaken so far, and some highlights of results.

Briefly, their overall template revolves around: Restoring water in water stressed areas, water sustainability through innovations & partnerships, reducing water use in their operations and providing clean drinking water to local communities.

The context of the analysis is global, and most brief examples are for the United States, but some mention is made about the water stressed regions/waterways they have identified in India for their activities: Sabarmati, Sutlej, Yamuna 1, Jamni, Musi-Aler.

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