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Praj Bioprism portfolio for renewable chemicals and materials

Source : Manufacturing Today

Notes by Narsi

As the bio-economy of India starts spreading its wings, companies that had been building strengths and assets in this field will be perhaps right in feeling that their time has come.

A case in point is Praj Industries, which has been a pioneer in the Indian ethanol technology domain but is now keen to play a larger role.

Going beyond ethanol. Praj has pioneered a basket of innovative technology solutions in the form of Bio-Mobility and Bio-Prism. Bio-Mobility, a platform of biofuels facilitates decarbonization in the transportation sector, whereas Bio-Prism's portfolio of technology solutions in renewable chemicals & materials enables carbon recycling.

Beyond biofuels for road transport, bio-based fuels will be needed for decarbonizing air as well as water transportation in the form of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Marine Biofuels. Throw in the next-gen fuels bio-hydrogen and bio-methanol, and you suddenly have an exciting basket.

Praj's Bio-Prism portfolio comprises a cluster of technologies to produce renewable chemicals & materials that promise sustainability like Bio-plastic, bio-bitumen, Hyaluronic acid, natural waxes, and antimicrobial peptides to name some.

An exciting company to watch out for.

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