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LionCharge builds a wide network of EV charging stations to support & increase the EV adoption rate in India

2023-02-11 |

The solutions provided vary from DC fast charging on the move to AC fast charging at home

  • EV Charging


Notes by Narsi

The report says, " LIONCHARGE is operational since August 2021 and based out of Hyderabad, currently operating a wide network of 4-wheeler fast charging stations in seven states with 75+ chargers."

The co-founder further says, "We excel at installing, maintaining, and operating electric car charging infrastructure at residential/apartment residences while providing users with a seamless experience via our mobile app"

All sounds fine and optimistic, but I would like to see the financials of many of these charging-only firms - is the Indian EV base anywhere near critical mass to help them survive, let alone flourish? 

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