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Startup Funding & Investment Updates

EV Tech Startup Electrifuel gets Rs 1.8 Crore investment from IAN


Startup enables EV and battery manufacturers to incorporate in their products with precise geolocation and cellular connectivity, efficient and fast charging, effortless battery swapping, warranty and service management.


Notes by Narsi

Specifically, the startup develops battery management systems, motor controllers, vehicle control units, telematics, battery chargers, and web & mobile spps for EVs.

While a number of Indian EV startups are developing BMS and related solutions, I have not come across too many that are providing such a comprehensive suite of solutions for the battery makers and EV OEMs.

One challenge startups such as these could face is to crack the big OEMs or battery players. While smaller firms making batteries or EVs would rather work with dedicated tech players such as these, would large firms like Hero or TVS or Exide have their own solutions? This could also apply to some of the more prominent battery pack makers (some of them are startups themselves) who might want to build their own competencies in these.