India Climate Startups Funding & Investment Updates

Startup Funding & Investment Updates

Precision farming startup Fyllo raises $2 million


Startup has developed crop-specific models for irrigation, nutrients, diseases, pests, and weather management for each physiological stage.


Notes by Narsi

There is little doubt that precision and smart farming are powerful drivers for sustainable and low carbon agriculture.

From a startup perspective, this field now has a number of startups headed by bright founders. It is not clear how well these startups are able to differentiate their solutions from the rest as most offerings and benefits I come across appear to be quite similar.

Challenge for differentiation, while a challenge, can also be an opportunity. Those startups that deep dive into the critical needs of the farming ecosystem will be able to come with up powerful and sustainable differentiators. Arriving at these differentiators could thus take a while, but it is absolutely worth it

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