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Startup Funding & Investment Updates

Hala, ride-sharing startup, raises $1 million


The ride-sharing platform solves last-mile connectivity problems.


Notes by Narsi

Hala is basically an electric scooter renting platform, with a lot of automation around the service to make it easy for people to rent an electric scooter - basically a few clicks is all that is needed.

This model has been quite a hit in many western countries, though what they call a scooter is quite different from the scooters Indians are used to.

Along with their popularity came chaos. Some of you would have heard about the chaos the electric "scooter" rental model created in many cities worldwide, with scooters being dropped off in a disorderly manner, creating signfiicant inconveniece to the public. Let's hope these challenges will be managed better by Indian electric scooter rental startups.