India Climate Startups Funding & Investment Updates

Startup Funding & Investment Updates

Log9 Materials raises $40 million led by Amara Raja Batteries, Petronas Ventures at $250 million valuation


Funding is a mix of debt and equity. Funds to be used for finetuning their cell R&D as well as expand their tech for battery applications beyond electric vehicles to stationary storage 


Notes by Narsi

Log9 is one of the prominent deep tech battery startups, having put in over seven years of effort in getting a fast charging battery portfolio - for 2w, 3w and for cars. Chemistries based on both LTO and LFP.

With dozens of patents in tow, the startup seems to be really gearing to cater to the fast growing Indian electric mobility ecosystem.

Had one the three founders - Kartik Haleja - at the CLIMAFIX Summit 2022 and pretty impressed with the focus and perseverance these guys have shown in their determination to be avant garde rather than an also-ran.